September 7, 2017
Staff Accomplishment

IDREAM Team Creates Winning Podcast

To listen to the podcast, go to

Congratulations to Aurora Clark, Scott Blasco, and Greg Schenter on creating an outstanding podcast about using sound to visualize the behavior of a troubling element in nuclear waste. Their podcast is titled Sound to Analyze, Interpret, and Understand Data from Experiment and Theory. In just 3 minutes, the team explains how sound, not images, can help scientists analyze the behavior of aluminum. This difficult-to-predict element is a challenge when dealing with nuclear waste at the Hanford Site, Washington State. The podcast was the overall winner of the Intersection of Sound and Science Contest.

The contest is part of an annual tradition. Every year, the principal investigators from the Energy Frontier Research Centers and other organizations gather to discuss their findings. At the meeting, the U.S. Department of Energy sponsors a contest. The contests educate, inspire and entertain an intelligent audience with the extraordinary research. The trio's winning podcast explained work from the Interfacial Dynamics in Radioactive Environments and Materials (IDREAM) Energy Frontier Research Center.

The IDREAM team was from Washington State University (Aurora Clark and Scott Blasco) and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Greg Schenter).

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