August 22, 2022
Staff Accomplishment

Hao Joins Earth System Science Data Editorial Board

Dalei Hao will work on articles about land and ice

Photograph of PNNL postdoctoral researcher Dalei Hao

Dalei Hao began a term on the editorial board of Earth System Science Data in July 2022.

(Photo courtesy of Dalei Hao | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) postdoctoral researcher Dalei Hao was recently named to the editorial board of Earth System Science Data (ESSD). Hao started his term as a topics editor, specifically focused on papers related to land and ice, in July 2022.

ESSD is an interdisciplinary, open-access journal that publishes original research datasets and data collections relevant to Earth sciences. It focuses on promoting high-quality Earth system data for reuse and reanalysis. The journal publishes full-length articles, short additions to datasets, commentaries, reviews, and special issues.

“Having high-quality data broadly available is important for the future of Earth sciences research,” said Hao. “I’m excited to be a part of ESSD and its mission to provide open, free, and useful data products to Earth scientists.”

Hao joined PNNL in 2020. His current work focuses on improving how a full Earth system model represents the surface of the land and better understanding the interactions between land and the atmosphere. He also works to develop remote sensing models, algorithms, and products.