January 14, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Drennan Named to Recycling Advisory Board

New recycling center to facilitate research and development, marketing, and policy analysis

Photo of PNNL's Corinne Drennan

PNNL's Corinne Drennan at the Bioproducts, Sciences, and Engineering Laboratory

Andrea Starr | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Corinne Drennan, sector lead for PNNL’s bioenergy technologies programs, has been invited to participate on the inaugural Department of Ecology Recycling Development Center advisory board.

Drennan, who will serve a two- to three-year term, will provide guidance to both the Department of Ecology and Department of Commerce on the center’s work plan as well as evaluate and make recommendations on state policies affecting markets for recycled materials.

The 14-member advisory board is made up of members from entities including Washington State University, Skagit Valley Public Works, Spokane County Solid Waste, Seattle Public Utilities, Waste Management, and more.

The center was created earlier this year to facilitate research and development, marketing, and policy analysis that will bolster recycling markets and processing in Washington State. Its duties include developing an annual work plan to address recycling markets; obtaining and communicating important findings in recycling markets; and working with stakeholders involved in recycling markets and recyclable materials.

“I’m honored to have been selected to serve on the board of this new and important center,” said Drennan. “I appreciate the practicality of this board and how it’s addressing sustainable design and the entire product lifecycle—from creation of a product to repurposing the product at the end of its useful life.”

Adds Melanie Roberts, PNNL Director of State and Regional Affairs, “Corinne will be a great addition to the board because she has a systems approach to problem solving that will incorporate expertise from multiple programs at PNNL and beyond.”

Published: January 14, 2020