April 8, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

David Senor joins Texas A&M Nuclear Engineering Advisory Council

Long-time mentor to advise program development, provide expertise

PNNL researcher Dave Senor

David Senor, PNNL researcher and tritium expert

David Senor, PNNL researcher and tritium expert, has been named to the Texas A&M University Nuclear Engineering Advisory Council.  This appointment follows Senor’s eight consecutive years of mentoring Texas A&M’s nuclear engineering senior capstone design course. Several of these students have subsequently obtained internships at PNNL or gone on to graduate school.

“Dr. Senor has been making excellent contributions to our academic programs,” said A&M’s nuclear engineering professor Kenneth “Lee” Peddicord. “Through his technical guidance, students are being exposed to out-of-the-box thinking and projects that are important for the country.”

Texas A&M has the largest nuclear engineering department in the country and a history of collaboration with PNNL. As a member of the advisory council, Senor will provide guidance and external review to shape the education of the next generation of students, many of whom currently work in industry after graduation. Senor’s perspective could encourage those students interested in pursuing research and development work at national labs like PNNL, especially those interested in tritium production.  

 “The education down there is already very technically rigorous,” said Senor, an A&M nuclear engineering department distinguished alumnus. He earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering at Texas A&M and has seen the caliber of A&M students first-hand as a mentor.

“My perspective as an author and researcher from a national lab allows me to advise on more than the science curriculum,” Senor said. “Even the best technical students can benefit from learning communications, writing, and presenting.”