S&T Seminar Series

Securing the Electric Grid

A presentation by Seemita Pal

Securing the Electric Grid
October 8, 2019, 7:00 p.m.

Richland Public Library
955 Northgate Dr.
Richland, WA 99352

How do we generate electricity and get it to our homes, offices, hospitals, and other places? What are the technical challenges in operating the electric grid which is the biggest and the most complex machine in the world? Come learn the answers to these questions and more! It is easy to switch on or off devices at our will but ensuring continuous supply of electricity to all the devices at different locations and all the time is not as easy as it might seem. Additionally, there are emerging challenges related to cybersecurity. Get an overview of the work that researchers at PNNL are doing to ensure that the electric grid is secure, reliable and flexible.