S&T Seminar Series

How to Spy on a Fish: Tracking Salmon Migration in the Columbia River Basin

PNNL’s Community Science & Technology Seminar Series

PNNL staff care for fish at the ARL
September 10, 2019; 7:00 p.m.

Mid-Columbia Libraries

A presentation by Alison Colotelo, Megan Nims and Huidong Li

Salmon are a critically important species in the Pacific Northwest – not only ecologically but also economically and culturally. Given their importance, it is vital to fully understand the migration patterns and habitat use of Pacific salmon in order to support conservation efforts.

This talk will discuss two different methods used to track fish migration: telemetry and the geochemistry of fish ear bones. The results of this research are used to better understand movement patterns of Pacific salmon throughout the Columbia River Basin and to improve our understanding of how fish migration is effected by the operation of hydropower dams.  

Their presentation will be accompanied by hands-on activities and interactive displays.

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