Energy Storage @PNNL—Vehicle to Grid

Economic Analysis of Fleet-to-Grid Applications with Christine Holland

11 a.m. (PT), Thursday, August 25, 2022
This presentation, given by Christine Holland, provides a cost-benefit analysis of four grid services: 1) arbitrage, 2) demand-charge reduction, 3) spinning reserve, and 4) frequency regulation when using fleet vehicle-to-grid (V2G) battery power. V2G technologies enable the bi-directional flow of energy between electric vehicles  and the grid. An aggregation of battery-stored electricity from electric vehicles, such as those found in a fleet, could deliver a substantial amount of energy and act as a potential grid resource. The challenge is capturing both the benefits of the V2G service along with the cost of battery degradation resulting in early fleet replacement. As such, we present the benefits and life cycle costs of four grid services provided by V2G for three different electric fleets: school buses, delivery vans, and maintenance trucks.  We find the impact that V2G grid services has on battery cycling and degradation has the biggest influence on overall economics and the optimal choice of service.
Lady with long brown, slightly curly hair; she is wearing glasses, a blue sweater and a blue and white stripped blouse
Christine Holland (Photo courtesy of Christine Holland)