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Health, Pharma & Biotechnology

Health, Pharma & Biotechnology

The health and safety of humankind is one of the most important topics being discussed almost everywhere these days. With drug safety concerns, out of control healthcare costs, new medicine reimbursement issues, and the specter of follow-on biologics and generics, major drivers of change in the healthcare system abound. New advances in drug therapy and medical treatments are essential to improving the outcome of treating a disease.

In everything from studying the effects of nanoparticles on human health to finding new ways to treat cancer, our scientists are diligently working to positively impact human health through next generation technology development and expert capability deployment. PNNL offers many capabilities like proteomics, metabonomics, gene expression profiling, bioinformatics, toxicology, microbiology, bioengineering, and a host of other related fields. PNNL is poised to exploit these to the fullest extent to assist and enable industrial Pharma and Biotechnology partners and their respective business strategies in drug discovery, evaluation and safety; medical diagnostics; therapeutics; and prevention.

PNNL is ready to work with you to address your research, development and business needs. We can assist you by complimenting your internal research and development program needs or by providing you niche expertise and valued technology. Please take a look at the capabilities and technologies we have to offer and contact us for how we can partner with you to reach your business goals.

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