Nuclear Reactor Assemblies, Nuclear Reactor Target Assemblies, and Nuclear Reactor Methods (iEdison No. 0685901-16-0012)

Patent ID: 9097 | Patent Number 10,685,757 | Status: Granted


Reactor target assemblies are provided that can include a housing defining a perimeter of at least one volume and Np or Am spheres within the one volume. Reactor assemblies are provided that can include a reactor vessel and a bundle of target assemblies within the reactor vessel, at least one of the target assemblies comprising a housing defining a volume with Np or Am spheres being within the volume. Irradiation methods are also provided that can include irradiating Np or Am spheres within a nuclear reactor, then removing the irradiated spheres from the reactor and treating the irradiated spheres.

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Gates,Robert O
Schmitt,Bruce E
Reid,Bruce D
Prichard,Andrew W

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