Method for Forming Hollow Profile Non-Circular Extrusions Using Shear Assisted Processing and Extrusion (ShAPE)

Patent ID: 10178 | Patent Number 11,534,811 | Status: Granted


A process for forming extruded products using a device having a scroll face configured to apply a rotational shearing force and an axial extrusion force to the same preselected location on material wherein a combination of the rotational shearing force and the axial extrusion force upon the same location cause a portion of the material to plasticize, flow and recombine in desired configurations. This process provides for a significant number of advantages and industrial applications, including but not limited to extruding tubes used for vehicle components with 50 to 100 percent greater ductility and energy absorption over conventional extrusion technologies, while dramatically reducing manufacturing costs.

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Reza E Rabby,Md.
Whalen,Scott A
Darsell,Jens T
Lavender,Curt A
Grant,Glenn J
Joshi,Vineet V

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Advanced Manufacturing