Method and Apparatus for Distributed Intrusion Protection System for Ultra High Bandwidth Networks

Patent ID: 4994 | Patent Number 8,561,189 | Status: Granted


Our hypothesis will allow high-speed data networks to perform network protocol anomaly detection and countermeasures in real time. An Adaptive Hybrid Pervasive Defense Matrix (AHPDM) will provide an innovative architecture that yields N-scalable intrusion protection capability while minimizing or eliminating adverse impacts on traffic throughput. This proposed solution will also provide a foundation for real time anomaly detection. The rationale behind this method is that a significant performance improvement will be realized by dividing the incoming data stream into separate "channels" (implemented in differing wavelengths of light) and then performing a parallel processing function .for each protocol stream. We assert that this data segregation technique of channel separation greatly simplifies the process of protocol anomaly analysis required for a full spectrum protection environment. The idea is in the concept stage.

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McMillan,Bryan H
Greitzer,Frank L
Goranson,Craig A
Burnette,John R

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