Improved Materials for Sampling of Surfaces for Measurement of Explosives and Other Chemicals of Interest

Battelle Number: 30103-E | N/A

Technology Overview

The swipes that are currently used to collect samples from baggage at airports and in other applications are typically made of muslin cloth materials. Although cost effective, the performance of these materials is often low and irregular. Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed a new class of surface sampling materials for use in security monitoring applications that typically provide substantially increased sensitivity and more dependable results for explosives and other analytes of interest (specific instrument and analyte dependent). The materials also have capability to enable replicate use without performance degradation and can withstand higher desorption temperatures leading to better assays. If mass produced, it is believed that the materials would be cost competitive with the current surface swabbing materials. Surface sampling material structure and chemistry can be optimized for specific applications.


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swipes; explosives; airports; 30103-E



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