Common Operating Response Environment (CORE)

Battelle Number: 15557-E | N/A

Technology Overview

Agencies that oversee complex, multi-stakeholder programs need efficient, secure ways to link people and knowledge within and across organizations. The Common Operating Response Environment (CORE), a software suite developed by researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, does just that. In short, CORE assists users in getting the right information to the right people, both when and how they need it to relay data and make decisions that are critical to their organizations.


The CORE tool, which is customizable for a multitude of uses, facilitates situational awareness by integrating diverse data streams without the need to reformat them, summarizing that information, and providing users with the information they need to rapidly understand and appropriately respond to situations. It is mobile device-ready, has a straightforward interface for ease of use across organizations and skill sets, and is incredibly configurable to the needs of each specific user, whether they require data summaries for high-level decision makers or tactical maps, operational data, or weather information for responders in the field.  Information can be input into CORE and queried in a variety of ways using customized forms, reports, visuals, or other organizational templates according to the needs of each user’s organization, teams, and business processes.


  • Customizable : enables a variety of options for collection, viewing, reporting, and evaluating information.
  • Easy to access : CORE is a near-real-time data portal that is web-based, operates on mobile and desktop devices for availability on demand, and no client side installation is required.
  • Easy to use : utilizes simple field data sheets for user controlled data collection and manipulation. CORE operates on a server that can be delivered as a thumb drive or external hard drive. Updates are installed on one server so that no software installation is required for field users.
  • Collaboration-friendly : role-based access allows diverse sets of information to collected and controlled. It enables interactive behavior for clarification and interactive response with simple and targeted communication that reduces critical disconnects between disciplines.
  • Cost effective : there are no license fees for government agencies. It provides an easily customizable interface for each site which keeps overhead down and the ability for rapid reconfiguration allows for low cost adjustment to scope changes.
  • Secure : there is nothing for users to install. CORE can be used either inside or outside firewalls and can bridge both trusted and untrusted network environments. The databases are encrypted and use a low cost two-factor user authentication.
  • Scalable use : the system builds on simple field data collected locally and serving actionable decisions. The variety of data collection options supports a wide range of decision support needs at the local, regional, national, or even global level.


Available for licensing in all fields


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