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Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change

Our Research

PNNL researchers are expanding knowledge of fundamental atmospheric processes, developing state-of-the-art modeling capabilities, and improving understanding of how human and natural systems interact. Working across disciplines, we integrate theory, measurements, and modeling at molecular to global scales.

Aerosols, Clouds and Precipitation

Our scientists use laboratory studies, field campaigns, multi-scale models, and other tools to address key questions and uncertainties related to clouds, aerosol particles, and precipitation.

Integrated, Multi-Scale Modeling

PNNL develops and applies a wide range of atmospheric, climate, human, and Earth system modeling tools to address complex questions at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Read More...

Impacts, Responses and Applications

We develop and apply models and analytic methods to assess and manage interactions between the environment and society, especially interactions related to climate change impacts, mitigation, and adaptation. Read More...

Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change

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