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Analysis Toolkit

Graphic: Extraction programs in the analysis toolkit

Extraction programs in the analysis toolkit.

The Analysis Toolkit is a suite of software programs that extract WRF variables corresponding to observations in the testbed dataset, plot observed and simulated quantities, and calculate various statistical measures. The software runs in a Linux environment using Fortran, NetCDF libraries, Perl, and gnuplot. Details of how to run the Analysis Toolkit are described in our Analysis Toolkit Documentation. Please see the Contact Information page for information on downloading the code.

The software is designed to extract everything available by default, but it can be easily customized to extract subsets of information of particular interest to the user.

Click on the links below to view various elements of the Analysis Toolkit:

A seminar on August 13, 2009 given by Brody Bourque, a GCEP/SURE summer intern at PNNL, describes specific steps on how the CHAPS 2007 field campaign data is being converted into the format of the Aerosol Modeling Testbed.

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