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Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change

ASGC Job Openings

We're searching for creative, enthusiastic, and collaboration-oriented scientists to join the Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. We are in immediate need of 10-12 researchers to build, lead, and contribute to projects spanning the atmospheric, climate, and Earth system sciences. We anticipate additional positions coming available in the next 6-12 months, so please check back for additional opportunities. Currently, the following positions are open:

Job Title Closing
308079 Post Doctorate RA - Analysis of measurements of SOA formed in particles and clouds 11/29/2018
308398 Post Doctorate RA - Global Aerosol Modeling 11/29/2018
308350 Post Doctorate RA - Cloud Phase Observational Analysis 12/3/2018
308552 Research Scientist - Wind Energy Applications 12/7/2018
308439 Earth Scientist, Coupled Earth System Modeling 12/14/2018
308317 Post Doctorate RA - Severe Storm modeling and observational analysis 12/19/2018
307761 Post Doctorate RA - Climate Science and Data Analysis 12/20/2018
308467 Post Doctorate RA - Modeling Aerosol –Cloud Interactions 12/21/2018
308429 Earth Scientist, Watershed Modeling and Analysis 1/4/2019
308433 Research Scientist - Boundary Layers and Lidar 1/4/2019
308561 Post Doctorate RA - WRF Modeling for Renewable Energy 1/5/2019
308604 Business Student 1/13/2019

Working at PNNL

What's it like working at PNNL, a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory? Check out Discovery in Action. Enjoy our tongue-in-cheek video. Join a team with a sense of humor!

Students and Post-Grads

Are you a post-graduate or student interested in working with PNNL's Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division? We want to talk with you! Contact our Science and Engineering Education Office by sending an e-mail to (with "ASGC Internships" in the subject header). Also check out PNNL's intern and post-graduate opportunities website.

Next Steps

Contact Gary Worrell, recruiter
(509) 372-4721
And check out the central PNNL jobs page, for more information about the region and the laboratory.

Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change

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