Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is combining profound domain expertise and creative integration of advanced hardware and software to deliver computational solutions that address complex data and analytic challenges.

Working in multidisciplinary teams, PNNL connects research to engineering to operations, providing the tools necessary to innovate quickly and field results faster. Our strengths are integrated across the data analytics lifecycle, from data acquisition and management to analysis and decision support.

We are advancing the theory, practice, and deployment of advanced data science and engineering techniques.

  • Mathematics of Machine Learning and Data Science—Studying the fundamental mathematics of machine learning (ML) and data science to advance novel algorithms, insights, and understanding in these domains.
  • Operationalizing Machine Learning and Data Science—Developing, deploying, and gaining user adoption of reference implementations for ML and data science in sponsor environments. Enabling robust human-centered artificial intelligence for efficient human/machine teaming, reduced cognitive load, and enhanced insights.
  • Applied Domain Data Science—Advancing data science applied to scientific and mission domains such as materials science, nuclear forensics, biological and chemical detection, and cybersecurity. Maintaining deep expertise in scientific and mission domains while leveraging the latest data science analytical tools and techniques.
  • Scalable Software and Data Analytics—Engineering and deploying scalable software and data-analytics solutions. Responding to sponsor requirements and guiding sponsors into next-generation capabilities. Delivering detailed data engineering to include ML-enabling data and robustness against attacks.
  • Edge Analytics and Autonomy—Establishing an industry-leading capability for the research, development, and deployment of edge-based computing and data analytics coupled with autonomous solutions.