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Staff information


Yingge Du

Multiscale Synthesis
Materials Scientist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K8-88
Richland, WA 99352


Dr. Yingge Du is a senior staff scientist in the Materials Group of the Physical and Computational Sciences Directorate. He joined PNNL in 2007 and became a staff member in 2010. He served as technical lead in the acquisition and commissioning of a new state-of-the-art oxide molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system for the EMSL user facility located at PNNL. His current research focuses on growth and characterization of epitaxial metal oxide films and superlattices for energy conversion and storage applications.

Dr. Du is the recipient of a 2016 DOE Early Career Award. This award will support him to conduct basic research that aims to understand, predict, and ultimately control cation/anion ordering and topotactic phase transitions occurring in transition metal oxide thin films. Achieving so will enable energy materials (e.g., catalysts, electrodes, and electrolytes) with desired functionalities to be designed, synthesized, stabilized, and harnessed for technological benefits.

Research Interests

  • Structure-property relationships in epitaxial oxide thin films
  • Photochemistry and electrochemistry utilizing heteroepitaxial oxide structures
  • Materials, junctions, and devices for next generation computing
  • Development of in situ monitoring and control tools for materials synthesis and processing

Education and Credentials

  • 2007-2009 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, PNNL
  • 2001-2007 Ph.D., Engineering Physics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  • 1998-2001 M.E., Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • 1994-1998 B.S., Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University

Affiliations and Professional Service


Awards and Recognitions

  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Early Career Award (2016).
  • PNNL Outstanding Performance Award (2008, 2009).
  • Student Fellowship, University of Virginia (2005).
  • Summer Research Institute Research Fellowship, PNNL (2004).
  • TongFang Scholarship, Tsinghua University (2001, 2002).

PNNL Publications


  • Chambers S.A., Y. Du, Z. Zhu, J. Wang, M.J. Wahila, L.J. Piper, and A. Prakash, et al. 2018. "Interconversion of intrinsic defects in SrTiO3(001)." Physical Review B 97, no. 24:245204. PNNL-SA-131613. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.97.245204
  • Du Y., P.V. Sushko, S.R. Spurgeon, M.E. Bowden, J. Ablett, T. Lee, and N. Quackenbush, et al. 2018. "Layer resolved band bending at the n-SrTiO3(001)/p-Ge(001) interface." Physical Review Materials 2, no. 9:094602. PNNL-SA-134900. doi:10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.2.094602
  • Guo L., Z. Yang, K. Marcus, Z. Li, B. Luo, L. Zhou, and X. Wang, et al. 2018. "MoS2/TiO2 Heterostructures as Nonmetal Plasmonic Photocatalysts for Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution." Energy & Environmental Science 11, no. 1:106-114. PNNL-SA-129523. doi:10.1039/C7EE02464A
  • Liang K., K. Marcus, Z. Yang, L. Zhou, H. Pan, Y. Bai, and Y. Du, et al. 2018. "Freestanding NiFe Oxyfluoride Holey Film with Ultrahigh Volumetric Capacitance for Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitors." Small 14, no. 3:Article No. 1702295. PNNL-SA-130019. doi:10.1002/smll.201702295
  • Ong P., Z. Yang, P.V. Sushko, and Y. Du. 2018. "Formation, Structural Variety, and Impact of Anti-Phase Boundaries on Li Diffusion in LiCoO2 Thin Film Cathodes." Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9, no. 18:5515-5520. PNNL-SA-137774. doi:10.1021/acs.jpclett.8b02185
  • Spurgeon S.R., P.V. Sushko, A. Devaraj, Y. Du, T.C. Droubay, and S.A. Chambers. 2018. "Onset of Phase Separation in the Double Perovskite Oxide La2MnNiO6." Physical Review B 97, no. 13:134110. PNNL-SA-123784. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.97.134110
  • Stoerzinger K.A., Y. Du, K. Ihm, K.L. Zhang, J. Cai, J. Diulus, and R.T. Frederick, et al. 2018. "Impact of Sr-Incorporation on Cr Oxidation and Water Dissociation in La(1-x)SrxCrO3." Advanced Materials Interfaces 5, no. 6:1701363. PNNL-SA-129951. doi:10.1002/admi.201701363
  • Zhang J.Y., W. Li, R.Z. Hoye, J.L. Macmanus-Driscoll, M. Budde, O. Bierwagen, and L. Wang, et al. 2018. "Electronic and transport properties of Li-doped NiO epitaxial thin films." Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6, no. 9:2275-2282. PNNL-SA-132898. doi:10.1039/c7tc05331b


  • Chatterjee S., A. Andersen, Y. Du, M.H. Engelhard, G.B. Hall, T.G. Levitskaia, and W.W. Lukens, et al. 2017. Characterization of Non-pertechnetate Species Relevant to the Hanford Tank Waste. PNNL-26265. Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
  • Du Y., C. Li, K.L. Zhang, M.E. McBriarty, S.R. Spurgeon, H.S. Mehta, and D. Wu, et al. 2017. "An all-perovskite p-n junction based on transparent conducting p-La1-xSrxCrO3 epitaxial layers." Applied Physics Letters 111, no. 6:063501. PNNL-SA-124623. doi:10.1063/1.4997410
  • Engelhard M.H., T.C. Droubay, and Y. Du. 2017. "X-Ray photoelectron Spectroscopy Applications." In Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry, 3rd edition. 716-724. Oxford:Academic Press. PNNL-SA-111274. doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-409547-2.12102-X
  • Ilton E.S., Y. Du, J. Stubbs, P. Eng, A.M. Chaka, J.R. Bargar, and J.R. Bargar, et al. 2017. "Quantifying Small Changes in Uranium Oxidation States Using XPS of a Shallow Core Level." Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. PCCP 19, no. 45:30473-30480. PNNL-SA-128608. doi:10.1039/c7cp05805e
  • Liang K., L. Guo, K. Marcus, S. Zhang, Z. Yang, D.E. Perea, and L. Zhou, et al. 2017. "Overall Water Splitting with Room-Temperature Synthesized NiFe Oxyfluoride Nanoporous Films." ACS Catalysis 7, no. 12:8406-8412. PNNL-SA-124856. doi:10.1021/acscatal.7b02991
  • Lim Z., K. Ahmadi-Majlan, E. Grimley, Y. Du, M.E. Bowden, R. Moghadam, and J.M. LeBeau, et al. 2017. "Structural and electrical properties of single crystalline SrZrO3 epitaxially grown on Ge (001)." Journal of Applied Physics 122, no. 8:Article No. 084102. PNNL-SA-126528. doi:10.1063/1.5000142
  • Ngai J., K. Ahmadi-Majlan, M.J. Moghadam, M. Chrysler, D. Kumah, F. Walker, and C. Ahn, et al. 2017. "Electrically coupling complex oxides to semiconductors: a route to novel material functionalities." Journal of Materials Research 32, no. 2:249-259. PNNL-SA-119030. doi:10.1557/jmr.2016.496
  • Spurgeon S.R., Y. Du, and S.A. Chambers. 2017. "Measurement Error in Atomic-Scale Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy-Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (STEM-EDS) Mapping of a Model Oxide Interface." Microscopy and Microanalysis 23, no. 3:513-517. PNNL-SA-119131. doi:10.1017/S1431927617000368
  • Stubbs J., C.A. Biwer, A.M. Chaka, E.S. Ilton, Y. Du, J. Bargar, and P. Eng. 2017. "Oxidative Corrosion of the UO2 (001) Surface by Nonclassical Diffusion." Langmuir 33, no. 46:13189-13196. PNNL-SA-130086. doi:10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b02800
  • Xu M., S.L. Riechers, E.S. Ilton, Y. Du, L. Kovarik, T. Varga, and B.W. Arey, et al. 2017. "Manganese-Calcium Intermixing Facilitates Heteroepitaxial Growth at the (10-14) Calcite-Water Interface." Chemical Geology 470. PNNL-SA-125533. doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2017.09.001
  • Zhang K.L., R. Wu, F. Tang, W. Li, F.E. Oropeza, L. Qiao, and V.K. Lazarov, et al. 2017. "Electronic structure and band alignment at the NiO and SrTiO3 p-n heterojunctions." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, no. 31:26549-26555. PNNL-SA-127447. doi:10.1021/acsami.7b06025


  • Du Y., G. Li, E.W. Peterson, J. Zhou, X. Zhang, R. Mu, and Z. Dohnalek, et al. 2016. "Iso-oriented monolayer a-MoO3(010) films epitaxially grown on SrTiO3(001)." Nanoscale 8, no. 5:3119-3124. PNNL-SA-114428. doi:10.1039/C5NR07745A
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  • Li G., T. Varga, P. Yan, Z. Wang, C.M. Wang, S.A. Chambers, and Y. Du. 2015. "Crystallographic Dependence of Photocatalytic Activity of WO3 Thin Films Prepared by Molecular Beam Epitaxy." Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. PCCP 17, no. 23:15119-15123. PNNL-SA-108744. doi:10.1039/c5cp01344e
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