July 23, 2020
Journal Article

A Publicly Available Landscape Analysis Tool for Biodefense Policy

Kristin M. Omberg
Lyndsey R. Franklin
Daniel R. Jackson
Karen L. Taylor
Karen L. Wahl
Ann Lesperance
Ellen M. Wynkoop
Jessica A. S. Gray
Owen P. Leiser
Sarah L. Frazar
Richard Ozanich
and Rachel Bartholomew

In 2017, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory chartered an internal effort to capture relevant federal biodefense policy directives and laws in a format conducive to visualization and to better understanding the current state of the US biodefense enterprise.The resulting Biodefense Policy Landscape Analysis Tool (B-PLAT) is publicly available and captures more than 200 enduring biodefense responsibilities assigned by the following directives and laws.

Published: July 23, 2020

KM Omberg, LR Franklin, DR Jackson, KL Taylor, KL Wahl, A Lesperance,  EM Wynkoop, JAS Gray, OP Leiser, SL Frazar, RM Ozanich , and RA Bartholomew. “A Publicly Available Landscape Analysis Tool for Biodefense.” Health Security. February 16(1): 2018.  DOI:  10.1089/hs.2017.0088