July 13, 2023

Microstructural Characterization of As-Cast MP-1 Experiment U-10Mo Alloy


The Mini-Plate-1 (MP-1) test is the first in a series of fuel testing campaigns with the purpose of achieving regulatory qualification for the U-10Mo monolithic plate-type fuel system. The objective of MP-1 is to assess fuel performance behavior of fuel plates fabricated by a commercial fuel fabricator (BWX Technologies, Inc.) and make sure that the fuel maintains mechanical integrity and geometric stability and behaves in a stable and predictable manner. As a part of MP1 fabrication campaign several castings were prepared. The castings were vacuum induction melted using HEU pieces mixed with a master alloy made up of DU and molybdenum pieces. The Master Alloy was poured by a commercial vendor. There was little mixing during melting. A three-plate mold was utilized to form three U-10Mo plates per melt pour. The work described here shows that the resulting microstructure varies greatly from one cast plate to another, and from the top to the bottom of each cast plate. The extent of variation in microstructural features such as grain size, second phase particle (SPP) distribution and morphology, microsegregation of constituents within the dendritic microstructure, porosity, and casting abnormalities are presented and discussed.

Published: July 13, 2023


Shahrezaei S., A. Soulami, B.J. Schuessler, R. Kalsar, and V.V. Joshi. 2022. Microstructural Characterization of As-Cast MP-1 Experiment U-10Mo Alloy Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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