February 15, 2024

Guide to Developing Energy Services Interfaces


This document provides guidance to develop communications interfaces that are highly interoperable and adhere to a set of energy services interface (ESI) principles. It can be applied in the context of information and communications technology interface standards and implementation profiles that enable the integration of a facility with responsive distributed energy resources (DER) into an electric power system consistent with the fundamental ESI principles. In this context, a DER facility may consist of a single DER with a communicating controller or may be as complex as a microgrid campus with several buildings and many DERs. This document is not a technical interface standard, but the requirements described can be used to check that existing, augmented, or new interface standards meet the interoperability requirements of the ESI concept. In this way, this guide for the ESI specification can support future advancements in developing interoperability standards and implementation profiles. The intended audience for this document is DER integration practitioners and ecosystem groups that are in the business of developing and implementing communications interfaces for DER integration. It is intended that these groups apply the information and processes in this document to develop communications standards and implementation profiles that are consistent with fundamental ESI principles.

Published: February 15, 2024


Kolln J.T., S.E. Widergren, T. Slay, D. Narang, T. Bohn, Y.S. Xue, and B. Nordman, et al. 2024. Guide to Developing Energy Services Interfaces Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.