February 18, 2023
Journal Article

gamut: A Geospatial R Package to Analyze Multisectoral Urban Teleconnections


Most cities in the United States withdraw surface water to meet public water supply needs. The lands on which this water is generated are often developed for human activities -- such as agriculture, mining, and industry -- that may compete for water resources or contaminate water supplies. Cities are thereby connected to other sectors through their water supply catchments. This connection is an example of an multisectoral urban teleconnection. The Geospatial Analytics for Multisectoral Urban Teleconnections (``gamut``) package provides national-scale information on these teleconnections by combining land use data with hydrological analysis to characterize urban source watershed human interactions across the conterminous United States.

Published: February 18, 2023


Nelson K.D., S. Turner, C.R. Vernon, and J.S. Rice. 2021. gamut: A Geospatial R Package to Analyze Multisectoral Urban Teleconnections. Journal of Open Source Software 6, no. 66:Art. No. 3383. PNNL-SA-161635. doi:10.21105/joss.03383

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