June 24, 2019
Journal Article

Distribution of Metal Cations in Ni-Mo-W Sulfide Catalysts

Jennifer Hein
Eva Schachtl
Pinghong Xu
Andreas Jentys
Oliver Gutierrez
The distribution of metal cations and the morphology of unsupported NiMo, NiW, and NiMoW sulfide catalysts were explored qualitatively and quantitatively. In the bi- and trimetallic catalysts, Mo(W)S-2 nanoparticles are deposited on Ni sulfide particles of varying stoichiometry and sizes (crystalline Ni9S8, and Ni3S4 were identified). These nanoparticles are stacks of Mo(W)S-2 slabs with varying size, degrees of bending and mismatch between the slabs. High resolution electron microscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy based on particle modeling revealed a statistical distribution of Mo and W within individual layers in sulfide NiMoW, forming intralayer mixed Mo1-xWxS2. Ni is associated with MoS2, WS2, and Mo1-xWxS2 creating Ni-promoted phases. The incorporation of Ni at the edges of the slabs was the highest for sulfide NiMoW. This high concentration of Ni in sulfide NiMoW, as well as its long bent Mo1-xWxS2 slabs, were paralleled by the highest activity for nitrogen and sulfur removal from model hydrocarbons such as o-propylaniline and dibenzothiophene.

Revised: June 24, 2019 | Published: November 16, 2015

Hein J., O.Y. Gutierrez, E.C. Schachtl, P. Xu, N.D. Browning, A. Jentys, and J.A. Lercher. 2015. "Distribution of Metal Cations in Ni-Mo-W Sulfide Catalysts." ChemCatChem 7, no. 22:3692-3704. PNNL-SA-115349. doi:10.1002/cctc.201500788