July 1, 1995
Journal Article

Development of a Multitask and Multiinstrument Sample Transfer System


A multiinstrument, multitask UHV sample transfer system being developed for integration with a wide range of synthesis and analysis instruments is desrcibed. The soecimen transfer capability allows a sample to be synthesized, processed, and characterized by several surface science techniques without exposing the sample to air. Altough several types of transfer systems now exist, no existing system has the range of operstion desired for a user facility which will be equipped with a wide range of vacuum and controlled atomsphere-based techniques. Three different kinds of sample platens, which can be used in ambient, high-temperature, and surface chemistry experiments, have been designed and tested. The temperature range of the specimen can be as high as 2000 K during heating and as low as 150 K during cooling.

Revised: June 14, 2019 | Published: July 1, 1995


Thevuthasan S., D.R. Baer, M.H. Engelhard, Y. Liang, J.N. Worthington, J.N. Worthington, and T.R. Howard, et al. 1995. "Development of a Multitask and Multiinstrument Sample Transfer System." Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B--Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures 13, no. 4:1900-1905. PNNL-SA-25592. doi:10.1116/1.587832