PACiFiC: Proactive Adaptive Cybersecurity for Control

PNNL has developed a dynamic approach to protect operational technologies from attack 

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No sector is safe from cyberattacks, but our most critical infrastructures are at special risk. Systems such as electrical grids, water systems, pipelines, transportation systems, and critical manufacturing operations often have distinct vulnerabilities—and significant consequences if hacked.

These systems typically depend on devices that monitor and control physical equipment and actions, such as opening a valve or tripping a breaker. These control systems, or operational technologies (OTs), are found nearly in every industry. Usually, they contain older legacy components not originally designed with cybersecurity in mind—making them tempting targets for cyberattacks.

PNNL offers, for the first time, a way to secure operational technology with systems that are proactive, flexible, and dynamic. Proactive Adaptive Cybersecurity for Control, or PACiFiC, is a new approach to automated threat detection that provides measurably more secure, reliable, robust, and resilient control systems without affecting day-to-day technology operations.  

PACiFiC delivers five technologies that work independently or in combination to sense, alert, determine threats, defend, create deceptions, or isolate systems to prevent access.

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