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Vincent Tidwell is a chief scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has decades of experience conducting and managing research on basic and applied projects in water-resource management, collaborative modeling, and the energy-water nexus. He played a lead role in realizing the Department of Energy (DOE) Energy-Water Nexus Crosscut Team. In addition, Tidwell served on former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's Blue Ribbon Task Force on water and was a co-author for the Water, Energy and Land Use chapter in the 2014 National Climate Assessment and the Energy chapter in the 2018 National Climate Assessment. Recently, Tidwell led a multi-institutional team to integrate water into long-term transmission planning in the United States. He and colleagues are combining critical infrastructure protection models with climate-integrated assessment models to evaluate the resilience of our nation’s infrastructure.

Research Interest

  • Hydrology and water resources
  • Multisectoral dynamics
  • Climate assessment


  • PhD, Earth and environmental science, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 1999
  • MS, hydrology, University of Arizona, 1988
  • BS, geology, University of Texas at Arlington, 1985

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • Member of the New Mexico Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on water. Board assisted the New Mexico Executive and Legislative Branches on water policy issues facing the state (2007–2011)
  • American Geophysical Union (1988–Present)
  • Living Water International, a Christian organization that assists the impoverished in developing safe and sanitary drinking water (1999–Present)
  • New Mexico Chapter Board Member for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (2010–2018)

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2016 George I. Treyz Award for Excellence in Economic and Demographic Analysis for work related to High Plain Resource Risk and Economic Impacts, REMI, August 2016
  • Environmental Science and Technology First Runner Up Best Paper in Environmental Technology, 2014
  • SNL Laboratory President Outstanding Contribution Award, December 2013
  • The Environmental and Water Resources Institute Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 2012 Honorable Mention Paper
  • SNL Employee Recognition Award, Biofuels Deployment Modeling Team, 2009
  • SNL Geosciences award for Technical Excellence, 2003



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