Software Engineer
Software Engineer


Paul Miller is an experienced software engineer specializing in application development for high-performance computing environments with a focus on modeling and simulation. He joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Experimental and Computational Engineering group in 2022.

Miller has developed multiple solutions for the Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy’s Integrated Waste Management program. His recent work focuses on web applications for IWM. The STANDARDS web app simplifies analysis and review of program data among IWM researchers. The GC-859 web app updated DOE’s Nuclear Fuel Data Survey to coordinate data more efficiently and accurately between nuclear industry professionals and DOE program management.

Prior to joining PNNL, Miller worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. There, he contributed to UNF-ST&DARDS, GC-859, and NEAMS Workbench (Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation).

Disciplines and Skills

  • Java, PHP, Python, C++, Qt
  • Spring Boot, Laravel
  • MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Database Administration


  • MS in computer science, University of Tennessee
  • BA in Spanish, University of Tennessee



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