For more than 35 years, Dr. Osman Ahmed has created innovation wealth- both intellectual and capital- and demonstrated his ability as a successful strategic and technical leader. Majority of my vast innovation experience is focused in creating exceptional value from Digitalization. For last 25+ years, I have led innovation that spans complete digital ecosystem using IoT, predictive analytics, AI/ML solutions, and novel distributed edge intelligence.  As such, Osman has taken numerous journeys, starting with concept development, then piloting and demonstrating prototypes, and finally, delivering solutions for commercialization.

Osman joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as a Principal Technical Advisor in 2016. Currently, he is leading groundbreaking initiatives to deploy, demonstrate, and create exceptional value digital ecosystem can offer across energy sectors. His current portfolio includes designing a foundational open platform Digital Twin for Hydropower Systems, and collaboration with private industry in demonstrating commercial value of novel optimization of HVAC systems in multi-family residence market.

Prior to his current position, he served for 28 years at Siemens where held many technical and leadership positions. At Siemens, he discovered affordable IoT (Internet of Things) for a variety of applications. His discovery was widely publicized in the media including Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, MIT technology review. His IoT discovery was selected as the “2004 Innovation of the Year” by Industrial Automation Magazine. In 2004, he received lifetime achievement award "Siemens Inventor of the Year" for his discovery.  Siemens recognized him as one of the most inventive minds in the company in a published book in 2004 (Amazon). He successfully created a foundational research, innovation, and collaboration model between Masdar, world’s first carbon neutral city and, UAE and Siemens to establish open and living laboratory in the areas of smart grid and sustainable cities.

As a visionary, he is currently pursuing groundbreaking concepts such as offering negative emission, benign bio-fuel, and medical grade oxygen- all using building as a platform and artificial photosynthesis, discovery using Digital Twin, and decarbonization of building heating and cooling using chromatic and nano technologies, just to name a few.

Dr. Ahmed is a prolific inventor with 42 US and 100+ international granted patents and 20+ pending US patents. He has presented and authored more than 100 publications. As a thought leader, he often shares his thoughts on digital innovation as a keynote speaker.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Minors in Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Wisconsin.  1996. Thesis: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Laboratory Control Systems.
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Research: Energy Conservation in Buildings. 1983.
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1979.
  • Professional Engineer License: State of Illinois.


Affiliations and Professional Service

  • President, International Association of Management of Technology
  • Member: ASHRAE, ASME, IEEE



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WO 2016144587 A1: Cascaded identification in building automation (Pending)

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