Post Bachelors Research Associate
Post Bachelors Research Associate


Monee McGrady’s work focuses on the exploration of chemical space, as well as image analysis of various soil systems. Though Python is her primary coding language, she is currently increasing her knowledge of SQL to assist in her interest in database management.

Disciplines and Skills

  • Image processing for image analysis
  • Curation of big data


  • BA in Math and Computational Biology, Scripps College



  • Lin V.S., J.J. Rosnow, M.Y. McGrady, D.N. Smercina, J. Nunez, R.S. Renslow, and J.J. Moran. 2020. "Non-destructive spatial analysis of phosphatase activity and total protein distribution in the rhizosphere using a root blotting method." Soil Biology and Biochemistry 146. PNNL-SA-149591. doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2020.107820