Mark Willey joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) in 2021 following a 17 year career in the industry working in the domains of process control, semiconductor capital equipment and, most recently, semiconductor and battery materials manufacturing. As vice president at Moses Lake Industries (MLI), he founded and led MLI’s battery materials business unit which develops novel materials for non-electric vehicular lithium battery cell producers in the US. This work started in 2015 and led to a full business plan and startup of the battery materials business which continues to run today. Before his role as vice president at MLI, Willey was involved with leading multiple different technology development groups in his role as director of technology. This work included developing and rolling out a novel electroplating technology to one of the world’s leading logic chip manufacturers.

Willey initially entered the semiconductor field out of graduate school when he was recruited by Novellus systems to help support the copper electrodeposition group led by Jon Reid. His initial work focused on developing novel electroplating processes for logic and memory customers worldwide and was promoted to process manager in the through silicon via technology group.  he through silicon via work led to the development and rollout of a novel packaging tool that is now a market leader in the wafer-level packaging industry.

Disciplines and Skills

Project Management Professional certification, 2017


PhD in chemical engineering, Columbia University

Program for leadership development (PLD), Harvard Business School

MS in chemical engineering, Columbia University 

BS in chemical engineering, Syracuse University 




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Other Publications


  • Willey, Mark J. (2022) “The US Lithium Battery Market and the Challenge of Supporting it with Domestic Suppliers”, Invited Speaker, ECS Pacific Northwest


  • Willey, Mark J. (2021) “Midstream Development & Manufacturing Challenges for US Based Companies”, Invited Speaker, PNNL Battery 500 Industry Workshop


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