Nuclear Forensics Program Manager and Scientist
Nuclear Forensics Program Manager and Scientist


Dr. Metz has been working on operational and research programs in the area of nuclear nonproliferation at PNNL for over 18 years, first as a postdoctoral research associate and currently as a senior research scientist and program manager. With expertise in analytical chemistry, radiochemistry, and signature exploration, her research interests at PNNL have primarily focused on developing rapid methods to measure various short-lived radionuclides in different environmental matrices. She currently leads the Nuclear Forensics program at PNNL, which coordinates all R&D and operational activities in both pre- and post-detonation nuclear forensics. She also actively works to communicate internationally the effects of medical isotope production on nuclear explosion monitoring and determining technical solutions to solve these measurement challenges. 


  • PhD in Chemistry, University of South Carolina
  • BS in Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh