Postdoc Research Associate
Postdoc Research Associate


Kyuhyun Byun is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Watershed & Ecosystem Science Group at PNNL. His research mainly focuses on terrestrial hydrologic modeling, land-atmosphere interaction, remote sensing of environments, and combined impacts of climate change and environmental disturbances on the hydrologic system. In the Science Focus Area project, Byun is involved in watershed and basin-scale modeling of hydrobiogeochemical processes to understand the vital role of hydrologic exchange flows in the river corridor at large scales and analyze the impacts of environmental disturbances, such as extreme flows, fire events, and altered climate on the river corridor hydrobiogeochemical processes. He also applies statistical analysis to high-resolution remote sensing-based evapotranspiration data to leverage understanding of plant-water dynamics at the surface-water and groundwater interface in semi-arid environments.

Before joining PNNL, Byun completed his PhD specializing in hydrology and climate change impacts at the University of Notre Dame. His PhD research work focused on analyzing hydrologic impacts of climate change using downscaled climate simulations over the Midwest and Great Lakes regions and developing an analytical framework for non-stationary hydroclimatic extremes for infrastructure design and risk evaluation under changing environments.

Research Interest

  • Integrated modeling of land surface and subsurface hydrologic processes
  • Watershed hydrologic and biogeochemical modeling
  • Impacts of climate change and ecosystem disturbances on hydrologic processes
  • Statistical analysis on hydroclimatic and hydrologic extremes
  • Application of machine learning to hydrologic modeling
  • Remote sensing of water resources


  • PhD in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Specialization in Hydrology and Climate Change Impacts, University of Notre Dame, 2019
  • MS in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Specialization in Hydrology and Remote Sensing of Environment, Hanyang University, 2014
  • BS in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University, 2012



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