Group Leader, Radiochemical Analysis
Group Leader, Radiochemical Analysis


John is currently the technical group manager of the Radiochemical Analysis Group within the National Security Directorate Signature Science and Technology Division. In his 15 years with PNNL, he has been a technical group manager, division portfolio lead, account manager, team lead, project manager, subsector, and individual contributor.  

Before taking his current role two years ago, John served as the portfolio manager for the National Security Directorate, Signature Science and Technology Division. In that capacity, he was able to bridge between highly technical scientific research and direct application to mission need. Examples include modernizing detection capabilities, developing sensors for use in treaty verification, and evaluating chemical processing techniques for potential use in unsanctioned enrichment or reprocessing activities to assess threat.

John spent 12 years as an intelligence analyst focusing on international technology assessments in both the nuclear and chemical weapons programs. During this time, he worked in Washington DC on an M&O Assignment for DOE-IN and representing their position to the broader community.

John joined the lab 15 years ago with degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering. Before joining PNNL, John had seven years of experience with Washington Group International and focused on process design, chemical modeling and control system engineering, and development of mathematical models for unit operations.  John spent three of those years in research with laboratory scale and pilot plant design and optimization studies, experimental design, laboratory testing, interpretation of results, and documentation of research and development activities.