Principal Investigator for the Triton Initiative and Earth Scientist
Principal Investigator for the Triton Initiative and Earth Scientist


Joe Haxel is the principal investigator of the Triton Initiative and an Earth scientist in the Coastal Sciences Division at the Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory at PNNL-Sequim. Joe received his BS in Geological Sciences from the University of California Santa Barbara with a focus on earth systems science, an MS in oceanography from Oregon State University specializing in nearshore processes, and a PhD in marine geology from Oregon State University working with acoustics in the northeast Pacific. His current work is largely focused on environmental monitoring for marine energy with a specialization in underwater noise and passive acoustic monitoring.

Dr. Haxel joined the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in 2020 leading a project focused on technology and methods for environmental monitoring around marine energy (Triton). Prior to joining PNNL, he spent 20 years in NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Acoustics Program with a joint appointment at Oregon State University leading passive acoustic research and technology development addressing multi-disciplinary research focused on geophysical and biological marine studies. He has participated in research cruises in oceans all over the world, deploying and recovering oceanographic instrumentation and has been the acoustic monitoring task lead of the DOE supported PacWave open ocean wave energy conversion device testing project at Oregon State University since 2009. His current research interests include developing novel passive acoustic technologies for deployment on fixed mooring and mobile (gliders, drifters, floats) platforms for ocean soundscape analysis and acoustic measurements around marine energy.

Research Interest

  • Environmental monitoring for marine energy
  • Passive acoustic technologies
  • Integrating marine energy with ocean observing
  • Underwater soundscapes and the effects of anthropogenic noise on marine ecosystems
  • Autonomous mobile observing platforms


BS in Geological Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara

MS in Oceanography, Oregon State University

PhD in Marine Geology, Oregon State University



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