Computer Scientist
High-Performance Computing
Computer Scientist
High-Performance Computing


Dr. Gokcen Kestor is a senior research scientist in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) group at PNNL, and also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of California Merced. Dr. Kestor's research solves computer science challenges in HPC software, such as scalability, energy efficiency, programmability, and portability. Their research in HPC system software mainly focuses on providing performance and energy efficiency on advanced HPC systems through runtime and compiler optimizations. Dr. Kestor has expertise in programming models, power/performance modeling, emerging architectures, compiler, and runtime systems. They are also active in the HPC research community as a program committee member of top-tier HPC conferences, and a co-organizer of the Women in High-Performance Computing workshops. Their master’s degree and doctorate in computer science was earned from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Spain.


  • Ph.D. in Computer Architecture, Technical University of Catalonia (Spain)
  • M.S. in Computer Science, Technical University of Catalonia (Spain)
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering, Dokuz Eylül University (Turkey)



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