Post Bachelors Research Associate
Post Bachelors Research Associate


Felicity Nielson is a post bachelor physics graduate from Brigham Young University, where she researched iron grain boundary property prediction using machine learning. Her current research involves conformer selection for computer simulation of small molecules, other methods of refining in silico molecular property prediction, and empirical data processing.

Disciplines and Skills

  • Physics
  • Computational modeling
  • Mathematical modeling


  • BS in Physics, Brigham Young University



  • Wojcik R., G. Nagy, I.K. Attah, I.K. Webb, V. Garimella, K.K. Weitz, and A.L. Hollerbach, et al. 2019. "SLIM Ultrahigh Resolution Ion Mobility Spectrometry Separations of Isotopologues and Isotopomers Reveal Mobility Shifts due to Mass Distribution Changes." Analytical Chemistry 91, no. 18:11952-11962. PNNL-SA-147394. doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.9b02808