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Materials Scientist
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Dongsheng Li is currently a staff scientist in the Physical Sciences Division at PNNL. Li earned her PhD from Pennsylvania State University, University Park and she was a postdoctoral fellow at University of California, Riverside. Prior to joining PNNL, Li was a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Research Interest

Li’s research interests lie in physical and chemical dynamic processes of materials synthesis and processing. She is developing an understanding of the formation mechanisms that determine nanocrystal size and morphology to enable the design of highly branched nanowires with tailored physical and chemical properties (investigation of structure-function relationships). Specifically, using in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atomic force microscopy, her group has made many discoveries on particle mediated growth, especially oriented attachment (OA) process, including colloidal nanoparticle growth and solid-state phase transformation processes.

Li has made two major breakthroughs thus far in her career:

  • Understanding the process of OA in the iron oxyhydroxide system by demonstrating the existence of a force that acts over sub-nm distances to drive the OA event; and
  • Formation of five-fold twin nanoparticles via repeated OA events and decomposition of high energy grain boundaries.

These two papers were the first to directly document the OA and multiple twinning processes and demonstrate the ability to directly observe the process at lattice resolution through in-situ TEM. 


PhD in Materials, Pennsylvania State University

MS in Inorganic Chemistry, Jilin University

BS in Applied Chemistry, Jilin University


Awards and Recognitions

Scholarships for the Excellent Students, First Awards, Jilin University; 1995 and 1998

Scholarships for the Excellent Students, Second Awards, Jilin University; 1996 and 1997



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