Foundational Data Science Group Leader
Foundational Data Science Group Leader


Courtney (Court) Corley is a chief data scientist and the Group Leader of the Foundational Data Science Group in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Division. He is leader in the field of data science and biosurveillance and his current work focuses on deep learning and narrow artificial intelligence (AI) methods across the U.S Department of Energy and U.S. government missions. Corley co-led the Deep Learning for Scientific Discovery Laboratory Directed Research and Development investment, applying deep learning across the breadth of PNNL’s science and security missions through dozens of efforts. This resulted in a significant increase in AI publications and the recruitment of new researchers specializing in AI at PNNL.

Court’s specific areas of expertise are deep learning, natural language processing, AI for science, assured AI (including safety, security, and adversarial machine learning), human-machine teaming, and few-shot learning.


  • PhD, computer science and engineering, University of North Texas
  • MS, computer science, University of North Texas
  • BS, computer science, University of North Texas