Chief Knowledge Scientist
Chief Knowledge Scientist


Cliff Joslyn’s research aims to explore and understand classes of mathematical, formal, and conceptual models of complex information systems; how they can be interrelated, translated, and integrated; and how they can be deployed in interdisciplinary data science applications.

Over a career at PNNL, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, academia, and the software industry since the beginning of the PC era, Cliff’s research has been applied at multiple US government agencies in fields ranging from computational biology to cyber analytics, blockchain technology, reliability analysis, and high-performance computing. 

Cliff’s work draws from multiple mathematical fields, including computational topology, order and lattice theory, hypergraph analytics, generalized information theory and non-standard probability, multivariate data analysis, relational data modeling, and probabilistic graphical models. To these formal approaches he brings a perspective on semantic information theory and computational semiotics, in the context of the cybernetic philosophy of modeling and evolutionary systems. Thus, his work is generally strongly engaged with semantic technology, formal ontologies, and the engineering of supportive software technologies.

Cliff has led and supported computer and information science research efforts for the US government for almost 30 years and is a senior member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). His work spans from the most current approaches in mathematical modeling and artificial intelligence to pioneering web efforts from the dawn of the Internet age. His background is from the interdisciplinary intellectual tradition of general systems theory and cybernetics, and what might broadly be called mathematical systems theory. Cliff is also an Adjunct Professor of Systems Science at Portland State University.  


SUNY at Binghamton
Doctor of Philosophy, Systems Science

SUNY at Binghamton
Master of Science, Systems Science

Oberlin College
Bachelor of Arts, Cognitive Science & Math