Human Factors Symposium

Connecting human factors research across research disciplines and domains

Human Factors

Human Factors Symposium 

(Image by Shannon Colson | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

May 10-12, 2023

Discovery Hall, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
650 Horn Rapids Road, Richland, WA 99354

The symposium will bring together a diverse range of professionals to establish connections between various human factors research disciplines and introduce the value of this work to experts in other fields. It will include researchers and sponsors from national laboratories, universities, and industry. The 2.5-day event will feature invited speakers discussing topics such as human interaction with artificial intelligence, energy efficiency policies, interplay with humans in building environments, and environmental justice. These topics will demonstrate the critical nature of human factors for advancing energy and security goals.

Speaker and Event Information 

Planned sessions include: 

  • Human Factors for Energy and Security 
    This session will set the stage for the event, highlighting the critical nature of human factors work in advancing goals for energy efficiency, and national security. 
  • Building Occupant Behavior 
    This session will explore how better understanding the behaviors and decision-making of building occupants influences energy use through better building design and better implementation of programs to reduce energy use. 
  • AI to Support Analysts 
    This session will focus on key elements of the research and practice of implementing machine learning in operational environments to aid and assist human operators.   
  • Human Machine Teaming 
    The human-machine teaming session will key in on research-centered considerations of humans working with machine learning as teammates as opposed to tools.  
  • Safety and Security 
    This session will explore the psychological, environmental, and social factors that relate to the risk of safety and security incidents and the ways that organizations can be better prepared to mitigate those risks. 
  • Healthy Buildings 
    This session will address ongoing developments to ensure that energy efficient buildings can simultaneously better support the health and wellbeing of human occupants. 
  • Collaboration Panels 
    These daily panels will provide a forum to discuss new research collaborations and new research directions. 

For more information, contact: 

BRETT JEFFERSON, Human Factors and Interactions Team Lead
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory |

MICHAEL ROYER, Human Factors in Buildings Team Lead
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory |

The symposium is jointly sponsored by PNNL's Mathematics for Artificial Reasoning in Science initiative, National Security Directorate, and Energy and Environment Directorate