Eclipse VOLTTRON Days

Aug. 21-22, 2018

Discovery Hall, Richland, WA

Join us for the 5th Annual VOLTTRON Workshop, held this year at PNNL’s Discovery Hall in Richland, Washington

The theme is Building an Open Source Community to mark the VOLTTRON project joining the Eclipse Foundation.

PNNL’s Systems Engineering Building (SEB) Tour

At this year’s VOLTTRON workshop, you have the opportunity to tour PNNL’s Systems Engineering Building (SEB). The SEB is dedicated to advanced power grid and smart buildings research. The 24,000 sq. ft. facility features the Electricity Infrastructure Operations Center -- two functional control rooms -- and laboratories focused on power electronics, interoperability, and campus energy controls.


New in 2018, Discovery Hall is a collaboration-rich environment where researchers gather with academic and industrial partners. It is a modern venue to generate new ideas and solve complex problems in the areas of scientific discovery, energy resiliency, and national security.