Starlight™ Software

Technology Overview

In today's fast-paced, information overload world, you have access to literally thousands of reams of paper, electronic and digital data, maps, video, and even satellite imagery. Just how do you make sense of it all? Using PNNL’s Starlight™ software, you can now discover hidden trends and relationships in this blizzard of information.


Whether used in a commercial/industrial or government application, using Starlight™'s interactive, investigative tools, you can:

  • characterize your data,
  • find and retrieve subsets of interest,
  • understand complex relationships existing among multiple items, and
  • integrate supporting resources, such as maps or charts.

State of Development

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has established a commercial partnership with Future Point Systems Inc. (FPS). FPS will oversee licensing, distribution, maintenance and support for Starlight. PNNL will focus on research and development activities of next-generation technology that will keep Starlight on the cutting edge of visualization tools. For Starlight upgrades, licensing and support, contact FPS at For Starlight research and development, contact PNNL at


Available via licensee


information visualization, visual analytics, Future Point Systems