Radio Frequency Identification Tags - Semi Passive (Battery Assisted Backscatter)

Battelle Number: 12329-B | N/A

Technology Overview

Semi-passive (battery assisted backscatter) radio frequency (RF) tags are powered by a battery, offering a very good range of readability. While they do not contain an active transmitter, PNNL's semi-passive tags have been proven in real-world conditions to read and write from distances up to 100 meters. With power from small batteries similar to those found in watches, semi-passive tags can be used to monitor inputs from sensors -- even when the tags aren't in the presence of a radio frequency field. As a result, our semi-passive RF tags also can control outputs. These systems can be used to monitor and activate or deactivate items remotely, making them ideal for applications such as alarms, seals, or thermostats.


  • Read and write from as far as 100 meters
  • Monitor external inputs such as temperature, pressure, chemicals and tamper detectors
  • Multiple tags can be read simultaneously
  • Control outputs such as valves and switches
  • Identifies an item's precise location
  • Operates with a battery lifetime of more than five years
  • Can be located to within 0.1 meters
  • By reading and writing through fences, walls, and boxes it is easier to track and identify items



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semi passive; rf tags, radio frequency, battery assisted backscatter, radio frequency identification; intelligent microsensors; wireless communication systems;



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