Radio Frequency Identification Tags - Passive Tags

Battelle Number: 12329-B | N/A

Technology Overview

Passive radio frequency (RF) tags are ideal for short-range, simple tracking applications that include high-value or high-security items such as pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, computer equipment, or chemicals.

PNNL’s passive RF tags offer unique advantages such as the ability to monitor over extended ranges, read multiple tags simultaneously, and precisely locate items. This technology enables reliable remote monitoring that outperform conventional bar-coding or other inventory-tracking methods. Passive RF tags don't require a battery -- they receive enough power to operate from the radio frequency beam of a device that reads or interrogates the tags. With no battery and no moving parts, these miniature and inexpensive tags can be used over a very long lifetime.


  • Low cost
  • Up to 500 individual tags can be read in one second
  • Extended range, read or write to tags from up to 5 meters away
  • Miniature, can be as small as a grain of rice
  • Read and write memory
  • Completely passive, requires no batteries
  • Precision location ability


Available for licensing in all fields


rf tags, passive tags, backscatter, radio frequency identification; intelligent microsensors; wireless communication systems;



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