System and Process for Production of Isotopes and Isotope Compositions

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The availability of longer-lived positron emitters have made possible PET-based imaging of tumors by radiolabeling monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), mAb fragments and aptamers, a process referred to as immunoPET. ImmunoPET combines the high sensitivity and spatial resolution of PET imaging with the antigen specificity of mAbs. 89Zr is gaining tremendous interest as an immunoPET isotope, due to its ease of production using monoisotopic (natural) yttrium targets and moderate-to-low energy medical cyclotrons. In addition to opportunities for new and emerging medical modalities, the long half-life of 89Zr (t1/2 = 78.4 hr) enables the potential for off-site isotope production and distribution. PNNL developed new column-based purification methods that are capable of ultra-high purity 89Zr for use in immunoPET diagnostic imaging. The new methods are capable of improved 89Zr product purities as compared to 89Zr that is currently available in Europe and the U.S. Additionally, PNNL integrated laboratory automation into the purification process. This makes possible highly reproducible and remote purification of 89Zr. Scale-up of 89Zr purification processes will result in high dose rates to personnel, so it is important that the production method is capable of being performed in remote, shielded locations.

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