Hydroxymethylfurfural Reduction Methods and Methods of Producing Furandimethanol

Patent ID: 8019 | Patent Number 8,742,144 | Status: Granted


A method of reducing hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) where a starting material containing HMF in a solvent comprising water is provided. H2 is provided into the reactor and the starting material is contacted with a catalyst containing at least one metal selected from Ni, Co, Cu, Pd, Pt, Ru, Ir, Re and Rh, at a temperature of less than or equal to 250° C. A method of hydrogenating HMF includes providing an aqueous solution containing HMF and fructose. H2 and a hydrogenation catalyst are provided. The HMF is selectively hydrogenated relative to the fructose at a temperature at or above 30° C. A method of producing tetrahydrofuran dimethanol (THFDM) includes providing a continuous flow reactor having first and second catalysts and providing a feed comprising HMF into the reactor. The feed is contacted with the first catalyst to produce furan dimethanol (FDM) which is contacted with the second catalyst to produce THFDM.

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Gray,Michel J

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