Senior Research Scientist
Senior Research Scientist


Jennie Rice is a senior research scientist with a background in decision sciences, economics, and systems engineering. She is the principal investigator for the Integrated Multisector, Multiscale Modeling (IM3) Science Focus Area for the Department of Energy Office of Science. The goal of IM3 is to develop flexible, open-source, and integrated modeling capabilities that capture the structure, dynamic behavior, and emergent properties of the multiscale interactions within and between human and natural systems. IM3 prioritizes coupling process-based models to explore multisector dynamics, vulnerability, and resilience from local to continental scales.

She previously worked for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory from 2009 to 2015 leading model integration and demonstration for the Platform for Regional Integrated Modeling and Analysis, a large 5-year Laboratory-Directed Research and Development project. In addition to her basic science research background, she has extensive experience providing applied risk and uncertainty analyses in consulting and contract research. Her domain experience includes climate change mitigation and adaptation planning, electricity capacity expansion planning, water resource management, weather risk management, and urban and land use planning.

Research Interest

  • Multisector Dynamics
  • Uncertainty Characterization
  • Decision Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Resilience Modeling


  • Master of Science, Engineering from Stanford University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Science & Technology from Stanford University

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • Society for Risk Analysis
  • American Geophysical Union



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