Data Scientist
Data Scientist


David Degnan is a biological data scientist who develops bioinformatic and statistical pipelines for multi-omics data. He has experience with top-down and bottom-up proteomics analysis, genomics and transcriptomics, metabolomic scoring approaches, 3D mass spectrometry image analysis, statistical machine learning, containerization with docker, cloud computing, benchmark dose statistics, data visualization, and app/package development.  

Since joining Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2019, David has been an instructor at EMSL Summer School and has been a featured speaker for the EMSL LEARN Webinar Series and the Data Science Bootcamp for Biologists. David holds an MS in bioinformatics from the University of Oregon, and a BS in cellular and molecular biology from George Fox University. He is working on a second MS in statistics from Washington State University with a long-term goal of earning a PhD in statistics or a related field.  

Research Interests 

  • Bioinformatics 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Statistical Modeling 
  • Data Science & Visualization 


Master of Science, Bioinformatics, University of Oregon  

Bachelor of Science, Cell & Molecular Biology, George Fox University 




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