Senior Computer Scientist
Senior Computer Scientist


Shari Matzner develops algorithms for signal detection, tracking and classification in a variety of domains using statistical signal processing, physics-based modeling and advanced analytics. She develops technology that supports sustainable ocean energy and national security objectives. Since joining PNNL in 2009, she has developed a thermal stereo vision system for tracking birds and bats, a real-time sonar processing system for tracking fish, underwater video processing software and algorithms for maritime domain situational awareness.  Prior to joining PNNL, Dr. Matzner worked as a professional software engineer in the private sector (Intel, Motorola,IBM) and as a NASA contractor.  She spent 10 years working in the space program, where she developed physics-based simulators for training flight controllers and software to support experiments aboard the space shuttle.  She currently holds a joint appointment with the University of Alaska -- Fairbanks in the Alaska Center for Electricity and Power and serves on the editorial board of the journal Ecological Informatics.

Disciplines and Skills

  • Algorithm Design
  • Algorithm Development
  • C Programming
  • C++
  • Image Processing
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Real Time System Design
  • Signal Processing
  • Sonar
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • Underwater Video
  • Video Analytics


Doctor of Philosophy, Systems Science, Portland State University

Master of Science, Systems Science, Portland State University

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics




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