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Quarterbacking Catalysts by Positioning Atoms

Single oxygen atoms are vital to designing better catalysts from the ground up

March 2018

To create a winning football team, quarterbacks send their team mates to the right spots.  Positioned correctly, the players work around obstacles to drive the ball to the end zone. In much the same way, scientists position catalytic atoms to drive reactions that can yield fuels, plastics, or other desired products. A team at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory changed how scientists think about positioning key players: oxygen atoms.

Importance of Model Ensembles for Estimates of Regional Climate Uncertainty

Researchers find use of a large single-model ensemble or small ensembles from multiple models and scenarios can consistently quantify internal variability.

March 2018

Scientists found that internal variability can be quantified consistently using a large single-model ensemble or an "ensemble of opportunity," which consists of small ensembles from multiple models for multiple climate scenarios.

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